Anne-Margot Rodde

Founder | Creative Strategist

Margot is a video game marketing executive with over 12 years’ experience producing major events and campaigns for clients such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nexon, Riot Games, EA Games and many more. Margot started WePlay, a boutique experiential agency specialized in video game events, in 2012, after winning Oculus’s global events contract, which her team executed all the way to Oculus’s acquisition by Facebook.

Maria Sphan

3D Designer

Maria started working with Europapark in Germany, in 2001, where she designed a summer festival for Audi and presentations for the UEFA Champions League Final in Gelsenkirchen 2004 and Istanbul in 2005. In 2006 Maria became co-founder of uberraum, where she specializes in 3D construction, illustration, animation for luxury products and video game brands. She has produced over 100 3D designs and experiences in collaboration with WePlay.

Dan Wood

Operations | Admin

Dan has worked in the finance world for 18 years and is a qualified CPA, previously based in London working for the last eight years with KPMG in the audit sector, with a client base across public, non-profit and private sectors. Since moving to Los Angeles four years ago, he moved to the start-up world, managing systems, contracts, staff, operations, finance teams and working with the executive team on client and investor pitches.